5 year Waith Membership at just $3500 $499

5 year Waith Membership at just $3500 $499

Improve workflow across all your departments

Dive into the finer details of project management and streamline every process to improve your overall productivity.

Waith Project Features

Work smarter with Waith’s capabilities to manage every aspect of your employee management.

Manage Projects

Project management is simplified with Waith.io From creating projects to assigning and managing project members and monitoring progress.

View Taskboard

Improve productivity by monitoring all tasks in just a glance. Identify areas of improvement, provide actionable feedback, set goals and more.

Dynamic Projects

Add another layer to project management with dynamic projects. Add discussions and categories, invoices, payments and more.

Manage Contracts

Enjoy easier management of contracts with Waith.io. Through one simple workflow add and manage contracts, upload files, send to client, e-sign them and more.

Manage Tasks

Use a modular approach for your project management. Set tasks, assign resources and monitor their progress.

View Time Logs

Improve time management and productivity as well. Address and optimise time spent on tasks by managing employees’ time logs help them work better.

Empower your team with Projects from Waith

No per user-billing

No per feature cost

Low learning curve

Short implementation time

Integrate with your Favourite Apps