Manage, monitor and prioritise your leads with ease

Streamline your lead management to improve your response time and conversion rates, to turn leads into clients quickly and smartly.

Waith Leads Features

Make the most of your lead generation strategies, by managing your leads in the most efficient way.

Create Categories

Save time and resources by categorising your leads to manage and address their requirements better and faster.

Assign Agents

Simplify your sales process and use your resources effectively by assigning the right executive to manage a particular lead.

Craft Proposals

Create effective proposals that address your prospective client’s requirements and convert your leads quicker.

Status Check

Monitor the status of your leads, identify gaps and implement course correction methods to improve your lead conversion.

Follow-up Simplified

Add follow-up dates and make notes to improve your interactions by keeping track of all aspects related to your lead.

Lead to Client

Simplify converting your leads into clients, assign priorities for them to ensure that they enjoy the same quality of service through the transition.

Empower your team with Leads from Waith

No per user-billing

No per feature cost

Low learning curve

Short implementation time

Integrate with your Favourite Apps