Manage and monitor your clients efficiently

Boost your client management with improved response time, resource management and increased project success rates.

Waith Clients Features

Enhance your client interactions and track the most important information to execute every project in the most effective way.

Client Profile

Centralize all your client information in just a single dashboard and view it all in one quick glance.

View Payments

Stay on top of managing your payments. Consolidate all payments in just one panel and track them easier against your client list.

Manage Projects

Enjoy a clear view of all your projects, monitor their progress, identify gaps and course correct quicker.

Add Notes

Improve efficiencies in client management by keeping track of conversations with clients through notes attached to their profiles.

Add Contacts

Add and manage your contacts with ease. View them all in just one central directory to coordinate better.

Add Documents

Client management is made easier as the team has the ability to quickly access all relevant documents through a centralized system.

Empower your team with Clients from Waith

No per user-billing

No per feature cost

Low learning curve

Short implementation time

Integrate with your Favourite Apps