Enhance your Finance Management Across your Company

Avoid micromanaging your company’s finances and switch to a better solution with Waith.

Waith Finance Features

Consolidate all your financial information in just one convenient yet powerful solution.

Create Estimates

Utilize AI-driven templates to streamline estimate creation and management effortlessly, leveraging Business Intelligence for insightful data analysis. Seamlessly integrate Data Analytics to enhance accuracy and efficiency in predicting future trends,

E-Sign Contracts

Utilize AI, BI, data analytics, and predictive analysis to streamline contract management. Automatically generate contracts tailored to clients and enable seamless e-signature functionality. This feature optimizes efficiency, enhances accuracy, and ensures compliance

Manage Invoices

Utilize AI-driven systems for streamlined client interaction. Automate status updates and invoice generation through integrated Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Harness Data Analytics to refine client communication and invoice customization.

Manage Payments

Leverage AI-driven business intelligence with integrated data analytics and predictive analysis to streamline payment processing. Seamlessly consolidate inputs from 7 payment gateways while facilitating transactions across 8 cryptocurrencies.

Recurring Invoices

Optimize efficiency and resource allocation by leveraging integrated features such as Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Predictive Analysis to automate the creation of recurring invoices for loyal clientele.

Manage Expenses

Efficiently manage expenses using AI-driven Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, seamlessly integrating Predictive Analysis. Track and optimize spending effortlessly while saving time with automated logging of recurring expenses.

Empower your team with Finance from Waith

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