Simplify your payroll process and improve employee satisfaction

Make your payroll process easier for both your Finance and HR teams.

Waith Payroll Features

Give your HR and Finance teams the ability to handle the payroll process without the chaos at the end of the month.

Generate Payroll

Set up your payroll for monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or semi-weekly payments and manage employees and contractors with ease.

Salary Components

From changes in basic pay from an appraisal to pay for overtime, manage salary components for individual employees and teams.

Monitor Status

Keep track of the status of each employee’s payout through an easy-to-use cloud-based Human Resource and Payroll system.

Salary Groups

Create salary groups such as frontend developers, backend developers, designers, project managers, etc. for easier payroll management.

Payment Methods

Whether you are a startup or a small business add multiple salary payment methods and manage employee payroll for your business with ease.

Salary History

View each employee's salary history and manage pay hikes, overtime and other payroll aspects of your business effectively.

Empower your team with Payroll from Waith

No per user-billing

No per feature cost

Low learning curve

Short implementation time

Integrate with your Favourite Apps