Simplify HR management with the ultimate solution

Experience a smarter employee management system from employee details to documentation, roles and more.

Waith HR Features

Supercharge your HR manager/team to be able to manage and address employee requirements quicker.

Add Employees

Enjoy a smarter and faster HR management solution. Create, manage and update your employee database faster and easier.

View Time Logs

Gain better overwatch of your employee’s work timings. Monitor time logs, gain insights, address gaps and improve productivity with better management.

Leave Management

Give your HR the edge in reducing time spent on leave management. From WFH to managing leaves and qualifying the leave types, simplify it all.

Manage Departments

Simplify managing departments such as developers, finance, HR, sales, etc. Keep track of your teams growth and centralize your data to quickly address changes.

Manage User Roles

Experience improved control and better HR management with User Roles. Assign, monitor and manage each employee with the solution.

Add Documents

Document management becomes more easy with Waith’s storage solution. Gain quick access to employee documents in just one location.

Empower your team with HR from Waith

No per user-billing

No per feature cost

Low learning curve

Short implementation time

Integrate with your Favourite Apps